12 special and unique facts to consider about the AbraJet®:

  • Your AbraJet comes with a THREE years limited warranty.
  • Der AbraJet verbraucht weniger Kristalle wie die meisten Maschinen (weniger verbleibende Kristalle auf der Haut der Patientin und weniger „Flugsand“ wie beim Mitbewerber). Diese Vorteile haben auch mit dem nächsten Punkt zu tun:
  • Every AbraJet®is soundly tuned for maximum performance like a piano. Every pump is a little different from the next one and the high-end of microdermabrasion is the fine tuning of the finished system.
  • The AbraJet® is the only machine world-wide that has a saphire venturi-jet instead of the (much cheaper) hard metal venturi-jet. This results in steady performance and much lower crystal consumption than all competitors!  -  Hard metal venturi-jets are worn-out within months. They can be changed, of course, but the performance may eventually change with a new piece and sound tuning in not made with other models.
  • Properly used, the system never clogs due to a special cyclone filter system. The AbraJet® is the only machine world-wide that has an unique cyclone filter system.
  • Should due to excessive humidity or use of off-label crystals the system clog, AbraJet® has a REVERSE button to un-clog and clean the system. We just added a new item to AbraJet®: When using the REVERSE FLUX button, you may now blow into a built-in filter system thus avoiding any crystals from” flying around”.
  • The AbraJet® system is the most realiable one available today. In Switzerland, a large part of our customers had Italian or US-systems earlier and changed for the AbraJet because they got tired of clogging and break-downs. We sold Italian systems before we started manufacturing ourselves, so we know what we are talking about!
  • The AbraJet® is the least expensive system in the long run. The machine is built for daily use and will last some 6’000 working hours till the membranes need to be changed in the pump! Ten years of useful live are realistic.
  • The AbraJet®uses less crystals than any other machine in the market. This has two advantages: Less consumption means cheaper operation and less crystals that “fly around” and that end on your floor.
  • The corrundum crystals are available in different qualities. A lot of suppliers sell you the least expensive to make a good price and the best profit for themselves. Our in-house tests over the lasts years proof clearly that this is the wrong place to try to make savings of a few pennies: We only use the most abrasive crystal shape with the AbraJet®.
  • The crystals for the AbraJet® come in a single use bottle, ready to be used. The crystals and the bottle have been sterilized. The packaging has a safety-sealing to see if the bottles has been tampered or not.
  • The AbraJet® is manufactured in Switzerland and stands for Swiss quality and reliability! If you are looking for a hassle-free equipment with a very long useful life, the AbraJet® is your choice.
  • We just modified the way to change bottles on the AbraJet®: you can turn the power-tower 180° without unlocking anything, just by a “click”. This makes change of new and used crystal bottles ever easier!